Friday, September 7, 2007

LGI News: Mayor wants new political city

A proposal to build a new political capital for Kenya has received the full backing of city mayor Dick Wathika.

Saying this would speed up development, Mr Wathika added that moving administrative offices to a separate location would create room for the expansion of Nairobi as a commercial city.

The mayor spoke in his office yesterday after he received an invitation from the Rotary Club members to attend its forthcoming African Conference.

“I fully support moving the administrative offices to a new capital city and maintain Nairobi as a commercial city because it’s already too congested,” he said.

But the new capital should be far away from Nairobi but in a spacious location to accommodate expansion.

“It should not be too close to the commercial city so that we can have serious activities in two major capitals,” the mayor said.

He proposed that Parliament be the first to be moved to the administrative city once it has been identified and named. This, he explained, would encourage other administrative offices to move to the new capital.

Creating a new capital would require expansion of infrastructure and should therefore be well planned, Mr Wathika said.

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